The Pad

Excellent notepad for your PPC

The Pad, as its name suggests, is an innovative notepad application for Palm devices. If you own a Pocket PC but still use paper and pen to scribble down quick notes, telephone numbers etc, if you need to quickly grab your device and start writing, or if you need to read that note you made but cant remember where you saved it then The Pad is the application for you!

The Pad is the fastest way to write and draw on a Palm, no need to open a file, save a file or select an input method, just pickup your PDA and start writing immediately using the full screen. Use the scroll button to quickly scroll down 'The Pad' making page after page of full screen notes or drawings. Customise 'The Pad' with selectable pad colours and pen thickness etc to suit your requirements. On many devices you can assign a hardware button to "The Pad" allowing you to start writing with a single button press.

The Pad


The Pad 1.1